Retailers and consumers like to see the product. Custom Thermoforming offers the best protection while showcasing your product. Thermoform packaging comes in the form of clamshells, trays and plastic inserts. Clamshells are a common form of retail packaging, which when accompanied by folding carton insert cards, creates an excellent display of the product to the consumer. Many are heat sealed along the edges to counteract pilferage and some are simply snap sealed. This allows the consumer to open the clamshell for purposes of touching the product and feeling the materials; ensuring it is the proper choice for purchase

At CTI we work with the best thermoform manufacturers to bring you quality packaging along with environmental solutions for recycling. With sustainability playing a major concern in today’s environment the types of plastics we use should be a factor when designing your packaging.


Shure Blister

Plastic Clamshell Copy