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Folding Cartons

In our packaging product array, the mainstay is our custom folding cartons. Versatile in form and finish, these carton designs deliver tried and true solutions showcasing exceptional graphics. As a one of the leading manufacturers, CTI provides custom folding carton packaging design,development, manufacturing and fulfillment for our folding cartons. Folding cartons can have a variety of functions. At first glance they simply appear to show the product and the name of the brand and act as a container. Although this is true, it does more. At times it acts as a hanging display when the package is placed on a peg hook. Other times it may contain a folding door which can both reveal the product in another window and also include more information about the product on the inside of the door.


Used primarily for over pack boxes and POP displays, our corrugated carton packaging has also taken on a role in the category of sustainability and is used in many more forms of packaging today. Not only do we offer sustainable corrugated packaging, but we also provide custom corrugated package design, development, manufacturing and fulfillment. In today’s market of packaging products are fighting for the attention of each and every consumer. Bright colors and interesting shapes do not grab all the attention. Therefore you will see numerous displays in many of the stores you shop.These may appear at the end of aisles, in the middle of department sections and even just before you head to the checkout counter.


Presenting products while in the package requires the best in visualization for the consumer while providing security for the retailer. Our thermoforming packaging solutions provide these and more. With sustainability playing a major concern in today’s world, we design, develop, manufacture and fulfill the best eco-friendly plastic producing methods and solutions addressing this concern. The types of plastics we use along with the amount we use are considered along with our manufacturing process and facility environmental concerns. In today’s retail market, the consumer desires to see the product prior to purchasing. To do so, we create thermoformed plastic containment. This comes in the form of clamshells, trays and plastic inserts. Clamshells are a common form of retail packaging, which when accompanied by folding carton art cards, creating an excellent display of the product to the consumer. Many are heat sealed along the edges to counteract pilferage and some are simply snap sealed. This allows the consumer to open the clamshell for purposes of touching the product and feeling the materials; ensuring it is the proper choice for purchase.

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