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Ahhh Summer, so relaxing….NOT.  At CTI we are constantly adding new machines and capabilities.  Be sure to call us to find out what’s happening with our plant – maybe it’s something that would accommodate a new style package for you.

Evaluate Your Packaging

Ever wonder if your packaging really hits the bulls eye? Does it meet the criteria for the Wal Mart scorecard? What will the carbon footprint be, fossil fuel consumption water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and human and aquatic toxicity Our evaluation covers contains life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) data from raw material sourcing, primary packaging material manufacture, conversion, and end-of-life. Transportation and purchased electricity within these phases is also included. In addition, COMPASS includes end-of-life probabilities for waste scenarios such as recycling, waste-to-energy incineration, landfill, composting, and litter. At CTI we have the method and tools to help evaluate your concepts making sure it accomplishes your goals. By using our evaluation system you can see if sustainability actually can contribute to your new or existing packaging. For more news on packaging, visit the Packaging Today website.

Whats New?

September 2015

September’s IOPP’s (Institute of Packaging Professionals) Midwest Chapter meeting was held with a presentation by Chuck Miller of Combined Technologies, Inc. The presentation centered on the simplicity of sustainability and the ever changing role it plays in packaging today. The relationship sustainability has with brands, retailers and consumers exists on various levels and examples of this were shown. A few case studies were then presented that explained the various roles sustainability plays in retail packaging. Some of the case studies shown were from the consumer electronics industry, outdoor hunting and recreation market and even one pertaining directly to big box store displays. The session concluded with an engaging Q & A session.

The State of Packaging – 2015

Ithnterview 3 on the state of packaging – 2015 is with Steven Heller.

Steven wears many hats (in addition to the New York Yankees): For 33 years he was an art director at the New York Times, originally on the OpEd Page and for almost 30 of those years with the New York Times Book Review. Currently, he is co-chair of the MFA Designer as Author Department, Special Consultant to the President of SVA for New Programs, and writes the Visuals column for the New York Times Book Review.


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